Country Update: Ireland

Ireland’s Energy Poverty Strategy estimates that the rate of households experiencing energy poverty in the country falls between 8.8 – 28%, depending on whether this is based on self-reported inability to heat or derived from modelled expenditure and building energy rating data (DCENR, 2016).

Country Update: Belgium

In Belgium, more than one household in five is affected by energy poverty (20.7% of Belgian households in 2019). This value has not varied significantly since 2009. However, there are strong differences between the regions.

EnergyMeasures in Eindhoven 

One of the EnergyMeasures partners is the Het PON & Telos Foundation from Tilburg in the Netherlands. The foundation works with a team of around 30 multidisciplinary researchers on social issues for local and regional governments in the Netherlands.

How the City of Eindhoven helps energy-vulnerable households in the energy transition

Jantine Claus, project leader at the municipality of Eindhoven, featuring the EARN-E aid device for low-energy households. (Image: private)

Jantine Claus from the City of Eindhoven gives insights into the municipality’s work on energy transition. The EnergyMeasures project is one component of Eindhoven’s strategies to lower energy consumption. EARN-E, a low-budget device will be used to support energy-vulnerable households.