The possibilities of an island

In the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, energy poverty has long been a central issue in the everyday lives of the shrinking population. EnergyMeasure’s partner Tighean Innse Gall provides concrete measures for people’s everyday lives.   

Energy Measures and its peer projects

When we submitted the EnergyMeasures project to the EU-commission, it was under the Horizon2020 call that focused on building a low-carbon, climate resilient future, which is secure, clean and efficient in energy. Since there is no single way to achieve this aim, the call gave way to the creation of multiple, autonomous projects, each tackling the challenge of energy poverty from a different perspective. The projects which Energy Measures considers sister projects are ComAct, COOLTORISE, EmpowerMed, ENPOR, POWER UP, POWERPOOR, SocialWatt, STEP and CEESEU.

How complex is it to come up with a universal definition of energy poverty? 

Considering the development of recent geopolitical situation the issue of energy poverty is increasingly pressing. There are many governmental and small initiative efforts to combat this problem, yet one element, which affects the effectiveness of those efforts, persists. Namely, what is energy poverty and can we establish a universal definition?

Are small initiatives the right force to reduce energy poverty?

Coöperatie Deltawind

The susceptibility of experiencing energy poverty and the stability of energy supply and prices in Europe have been in the recent years strongly influenced by post-pandemic recovery, energy crisis and the war in Ukraine. There are many efforts to combat this issue and this article explores how small initiatives can be the emerging power to alleviate energy poverty.

Reportage from Bielsko Biała

In February 2023 after the Energy Measures consortium meeting in Krakow, we, the Oikoplus team, accompanied by Patrycja Płonka, project lead for PNEC (Polish Network Energie-Cités) travelled to southwestern part of Poland.

Just Transition Commission visits Tighean Innse Gall to find out about EnergyMeasures project.

The Just Transition Commission visited Tighean Innse Gall (Scotland, UK) to learn about the work of the EnergyMeasures project. Charlie Healey, project officer at Tighean Innse Gall briefed the Commission about the essential work of the project and how it meets the parallel demands of tackling energy poverty and helping Scotland reach its net zero plans.