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In 2018, we founded Oikoplus in Vienna. At that time, we had gained experience in scientific project work, in journalism and in classic advertising agencies. In doing so, we had the feeling that an interface was missing that specifically connected the communication needs of researchers with the skills of communication solution providers. This interface is to be Oikoplus.

As part of research consortia, Oikoplus develops what is called dissemination in the language of EU innovation funding. Methodologically, our team of now seven employees is broadly positioned. And we also work on a wide range of topics at Oikoplus.

In our previous projects, we have dealt with participatory methods in urban planning and with citizen engagement in the implementation of the energy transition. In a project that aims to sustainably develop archaeological sites for tourism, we have developed our own mobile app, ArcheoTales that enables visitors to experience cultural heritage through a digital gamification approach. We design websites and print products. We develop the visual identity for projects, publications and ensure presence on social media and at events. We organise meetings and conferences and ensure the appealing documentation of project work in motion pictures.

In upcoming multi-year projects, which we are already looking forward to, we will expand our experience and implement Citizen Science projects. We will deal with practical ways to implement the energy transition in communities, and we are getting closer to rocket science by contributing to a project on earth observation via satellite. We are driven by curiosity and the will to communicate science, research and innovation in the most appealing and effective way.

The work in the EnergyMeasures project shows us how difficult it can be to address vulnerable target groups in the context of different European countries. We see the work in the project as an incentive to work even harder on European networking and to develop communication formats that facilitate the exchange of experiences.

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Dissemination products created by Oikoplus GmbH for the EnergyMeasures project.