EnergyMeasures in Eindhoven 

One of the EnergyMeasures partners is the Het PON & Telos Foundation from Tilburg in the Netherlands. The foundation works with a team of around 30 multidisciplinary researchers on social issues for local and regional governments in the Netherlands, but also for private sector organizations, banks, care and welfare institutions. The aim of Het PON & Telos’ work is to develop scientifically sound decision-making bases for policy – and to participate in their implementation. Energy poverty is just one of the topics on which Het PON & Telos work. 

The latest issue of the online magazine of Het PON & Telos devotes an article to the EnergyMeasures project (in Dutch). As part of the project, the Foundation cooperates with the municipality of Eindhoven and Energiebox to help households in Eindhoven monitor and control their energy consumption. Three energy coaches will actively support households in saving energy. 

Read the article here. An interview with Jantine Claus from the municipality of Eindhoven, read here.